The mission of our organization is raising public awareness about the importance of correlation between ecology, art and theory in order to create better sustainable future.


Our vision is to become a leading regional organization for implementation of ecological principals in social development.


  • Organizing annual EAT festival including films, professional and kids workshops, exhibitions, public performances…
  • Organizing EAT scientific and professional meetings, seminars and lectures
  • Promoting professionals and countries with highly developed consciousness of ecology in art, architecture and theory
  • Editing EAT magazines and books, publishing papers and researches
  • Participating in scientific and professional conferences, seminars and fairs



Ksenija Bunjak
Architect and PhD
Ana Stevanović
Manager in arts and media, PhD and member of National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
Svetlana Brkić
Architect and owner at SB project in Belgrade
Mikana Savić
Architect and PhD candidate at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade
Marija Đukić
Web designer, Information Technology engineer
Miodrag Đukić
Web developer, Information Technology engineer
Mladen Pešić
Architect and PhD candidate at Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade


Sandra Giulia Linnea Persiani
Architect and PhD candidate at the Technical University of Munich and La Sapienza Univeristy of Rome
Asal Ghanim
Solar energy professional, Project manager in the Company "Clean Energy Concepts" in Jordan
Błażej Jendrzejewski
Forester, Economist and PhD Candidate at the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw